Masinagudi Dormitory

Masinagudi Dormitory


One of the exciting wildlife safari areas in South India. Borders with two states Tamilnadu and Karnataka, Masinagudi is haven for wildlife lovers and tourists. The area is surrounded by dense forest and home to various wild animals and birds. Jungle jeep safari and elephant safari is very famous in Masinagudi. People come here to enjoy the nature. There are many resorts, cottages and homestays are in masinagudi and offer calm and relaxing stay for the visitors. Wild elephants, tigers, bears, wild dogs, deers and leopards are large in number and visitors come here to sight such animals during safari.

Group stay in Masinagudi

Many resorts and cottages in Masinagudi offer special packages for group stays. Visitors and corporate groups from near by cities like bangalore, coimbatore, mysore and chennai often come as a group to enjoy the surroundings and safari. Resorts here in masinagudi offer special packages and services like jungle safari, trekking, nature walk, camp fire and night safari for the groups.Group packages in masinagudi is cheaper and affordable for the visitors.

Tree House Dormitory Masinagudi

Srirangam is one of the major pilgrimage town in tamilnadu, Many Hindu people visit this place to worship in the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. There are some very good hotels in Masinagudi near to srirangam to offer the visitors best Dormitory. Hotels like TEMPLE-IN, PLA RESIDENCY and IBRAS HOTEL are very close to srirangam and offer best service for the visitors.Tree house is an interesting Dormitory option available in Masinagudi. Staying in a tree house and enjoy the jungle surroundings is a once in a life time experience. Tree houses are safe and perfect for adventure lovers. Watching the jungle from the top of the tree in the night with those wild sounds in the background is scary but exciting.People once stayed in a tree house always comes back to the thrill.

Jungle Safari

Jungle safari is the main activity for visitors coming to Masinagudi. Its a thrilling 2 hour jungle safari to see the wildlife in their nature habitat. Resorts can arrange the jeep safari for hourly rental. There are rules for jungle safari one should not cross the rules. Safari can be booked in advance to make sure everything is ready before your arrival.Some resorts also arrange night safari to see tigers up close. But these night safaris are not safe and not government permitted. make sure you book the right safari.

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