Mysore Accommodation

Mysore Accommodation

About Mysore

A well sized South Indian Hotspot holds the population of about 780 thousand holds specialties in every square feet of its total 128 sq km. The vast exciting landscape of the city even provides well done make over for all the seasons by increasing the recurrent visitors as well. Cleanliness adores you anywhere in Mysore though it acts as a single roof for multiple cultures and traditions. Mysore owns its name as the second largest city in the state renders secured place for residential proper people and also for the neighbour state kith and kins.

Conservative traditions are welcomed wherever its importance is well predicted. The modest Mysore city is also a fast and furious place for the valuable sprouts of conservative cultures. Mysore gets more applause exclusively for its well maintained dense forestry full of valuable herbs and shrubs. Experience the golden endangering Indian Vedic medicinal practices that still exist in the city by the manufacturing of various natural GMP products. Mainly all kinds of Sandalwood products in different forms such as home made soaps, incense, perfumes and deodorant powders.

All the places to be visited preferably possess the priceless heritage tags that say the name of the city all the times. Hot summer months starts from exactly Second week of February and ends in the first week of June usually swipes out most of the southern travellers towards Mysore. Fresh breeze everywhere to feel that taps your shoulders especially when you roam around the nights. Every day is celebrated in the city by its recreational stuff especially the joyous night life. Temporary home stays are exclusively provided by various High-tech Restaurants, Star rated hotels and storey lodging rooms in many areas in and around the city. Treat your best buddies here in Mysore by participating in different holy colourful musical occasions, events and processions along the prime roads of the city.

How to reach the city?

Road route

Clean wide roads cleverly connects the city with all major National Highways and so road travel Via Bangalore is the best choice to reach Mysore. Peep your head out to see Mysore when you reach Bangalore as it is just 140km away from Bangalore. For every half an hour, Bangalore drops a bus to Mysore and you will reach the city line within 3 hours if it is a non-stop bus.


Maximum Mysore trains crossing Bangalore are having luxury coaches executively made for the Travellers and Business people. Major Super fast expresses are connecting Mysore via Bangalore leaving the in between sub stations to save time and reaches the city on time. From the Railway station, many share cabs and autos are available all the time and there is no risk of reaching the main city even when your train leaves you in the late night.

Air Route

Bangalore International Airport is located nearly 140 km distance from Mysore and the airport is exactly present in Bangalore. All the major Indian cities are connected through Domestic flights from Bangalore Airport and so frequent airlines facilities are available to all the essential parts of India. During festival season, air tickets may not be affordable with your pockets and so prior booking is essential for a relaxing travel.

Mysore is very accessible for the new comers as it is found to be well facilitated by different routes of transports.

Things to do in Mysore

Dussehra Season

Mysore city would become a graceful fairground during the whole period of Dussehra for the entire 10 days. Garland idols of the Mysore Palace are brightly lighted to the dazzling elephant march as per the band music along the Palace streets with mind blowing events and performances in the palace arena. Need not utter words about the elegance of the events that take place at the Palace during the Carnival. Package tickets would cover accommodation and dining and it would be better if it is a family trip to Mysore during this festival time.

Attention to health

Travel 15 Km towards Northern side of the city to reach Swaasthya Ayurveda Centre, which concentrates your fitness by providing professional therapy options in exclusive welcoming food accommodation packages. Emerge Spa, lights bright from 3Km south exactly from the Mysore Palace is a serene Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage centre that peace you with ancient strokes of herb oil massage.

Please your ears

Plan for the most memorable time spend at Mysore as the city has its potential to roll across the expectations of the visitors. Shruthi Musical Works please the audience with its perfect Tabla taps and the place is highly honoured for the extensive creations of Music Legend Jayashankar. The Shaba music at 10.00 am in the morning with current ticket booking facility to treat all the interested music lovers.

Always visit the places at the Vacation start as it would happen that you might extend the time stay in Mysore to enjoy the adorable ethnic beauty of the city.

Rent a Accommodation in Mysore

Mysore Palace (Amba Vilas)

The great Mysore Palace is renowned as Amba Vilas stands proud with artistic stone pillars, carvings with artefacts detailing the life of ancient ruling Heads. The standings of the palace makes gooseflesh as even the 3000 years old rocky sculptures are still looking good.

Sri Chamundeshwari Temple

Divine breeze welcomes you at the entrance of the great Chamundeshwari temple, and the Shrine renders endless blessings of the Goddess Chamundeshwari. Temple chills you after 4pm well for the dedicated divine rounds.

Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake has got its Certificate of Excellence among the top tourist spot list in Mysore. Enjoy the self pedal and motor boating for more than 1 hour with your friends and family to have a wild view around the lake.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo is the Children speciality Zoological Park with the promise of keeping different Wild animals including caged and non-caged ones. Playfully kids would mimic well on seeing all types of cartoon animal characters alive.

Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum

The Sand Museum gets applause for its great well talented sculptors to make sculptures on sand with different attractive themes. Minute artistic and the most eyes piercing workmanship creates the reality in the sand which would be the most appreciable part.

Brindavan garden

Most of the Cine songs shooting are held along the lovely twin fountains belong to the Brindavan Garden. Wide spacious garden with various floral hues and very old gigantic trees would be the soulful place to spend family day outs in Mysore.